The the following list of businesses are likely run by like-minded entrepreneurs dedicated to delivering products or services with the highest levels of professionalism.

All of these websites are hosted on Global Latitude DMA’s web servers and are personally vetted as legitimate businesses or non profit organisations with a real dedication to providing excellence in customer and partner service.

Want to join this list? Please email Alistair Cotton with your request and we will guide you through the qualifying criteria.

Swift Heat & Control – Swift Heat and Control for all your Electrical Heating Elements and Temperature Measurement Hardware.

Swift Heat | Temperature Measurement | Band Heaters | Cartridge Heaters | Ceramic Band Heaters | Ceramic Bands | Ceramic Heaters | Element Manufacturers | Flange Heaters | Heater Elements | Heater Manufacturers | Immersion Elements  | Thermocouple  | Thermocouple Manufacturer  | Immersion Heaters  | Mica Band Heaters  | Temperature Sensors  | Thermocouples  | Thermocouple Manufacturers  | Temperature Measurement  | Mica Bands  | Mica Heaters  | Thermocouple Manufacturer  | Novus Transmitters  | Nozzle Heaters  | PT100  |  RTDs  | Super Coils  |  Swift-Heat  | Temperature Sensors  | Temperature Transmitters  | Thermocouples  | Temperature Sensor  | Thermocouple Manufacturers  | Thermowells

Swift Heat

The Swift Heat website.

Blue Collars – Managed, guaranteed, audited & accredited blue collar services

Pietermaritzburg Electricians | Pietermaritzburg Plumber | Plumber | Plumbers | Electrician | Electricians | Howick Electrician | Howick Electricians | Howick Plumber | Howick Plumbers

Blue Collars

An example of the Blue Collars website.

Jongo – Jongo is the world’s first mainstream African-based superhero TV show.



An example of the Jongo website.